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An Organization That Provides Only the Best in Service Dogs and Training

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SDCD is a nonprofit corporation based in Idaho and reaching individuals in the Western United States. We assist individuals in locating suitable animals to train as service animals, and we work with animal control centers and the Humane Society in order to obtain them. All potential animals are tested for aggression, noise response, and behavior issues prior to placement. The animals must display nonaggression to other animals, children, and adults in order to become program participants.

President's Statement:
Like most successful organizations, Service Dogs for Children with Disabilities depends on the talents and aspirations of many dedicated individuals.

A Trainer with a Dog in a Store, Another Trainer Outside with Dogs and a Little Boy with a Dog

In our case, these individuals include our board of directors, staff, puppy raisers, volunteers, donors and the disabled individuals we serve. But to assure our success, we must also include the dozens of remarkable dogs we rescue and raise with the purpose of becoming service dogs.

While many of us know the pleasure of canine companionship and loyalty from our family pet, we cannot appreciate the complexity of the relationship that develops between a disabled child and their service dog.

Because SDCD understands so well the critical interdependence between the user and the dog, we are especially adept at grasping and appreciating the unique personalities and attributes of each dog and each disabled person to make a good match. We are experts at incorporating the circumstances surrounding the lifestyle of each disabled child when developing our training programs.

We enjoy our work and are grateful for the generous and thoughtful support we receive that makes it possible for us to change the lives of so many disabled children.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to aid children affected with disabilities and/or their caregivers to gain greater mobility, independence, and peace of mind through a partnership with custom trained Service Dogs. We provide the community with quality certified dog training, veterinary services, and grooming services for children with special needs. We place quality canine partners with recipients in need and conduct fundraising to help offset the financial burden to those disabled and less fortunate individuals who utilize our services.

Vision Statement

To develop a volunteer pool of sufficient numbers to manage a growing organization, meeting most of the agency's needs.

To keep the costs associated with service dog placement and training cost reimbursements at a reasonable level.

To be financially independent with funds available to clients who need financial assistance with veterinary services, grooming, and food.

To offer affiliation to our organization which would provide affiliates with an avenue to helping the disabled children in their community and discounted training.

To be the preferred provider of service dogs for children with disabilities and/or their caregivers at the national level.

Happy Little Boy and His Dog

Child and his dog

Specific Goals

Promote the use of service dogs by the mentally disabled, those with all forms of autism, diabetes, and seizure disorders, and children with mobility issues, and heart rate / blood pressure issues that can be assisted with a properly trained service dog.

Provide professional, quality training standards that are evaluated by the medical community to insure quality and accuracy of training that reflects treatment goals, promoting the improved quality of life for the disabled child.

Enrich the lives of children with disabilities by the training of quality service dogs to provide an increased independence for disabled children and assistance to their caregivers.

Offer training to dogs already in the home of the disabled child whenever possible.

Educate other service dog trainers and establish recognized training standards and testing procedures that will become "the standard" for all service dogs.

To establish service dog training, curriculum, and testing criteria for the mentally disabled, as well as all forms of autism, diabetes, and seizure disorders, and all children with mobility issues that can be assisted with a properly trained service dog.

Meet Our Board Of Directors

President -John Butcher

John is a Retired Deputy Sheriff K-9 Handler AKC Dog Trainer Evaluator, Certified Service Dog Trainer, in Fruitland, Idaho.

Vice President - Eugene Cunningham

Gene is a Retired Corporate executive, AKC Dog Trainer Evaluator, Master Trainer in Fremont, CA.

Secretary Treasurer - Marilyn Burbank

Marilyn is Retired Financial Expert and business owner in Oregon and currently lives in San Martin, CA.

Director- Michael Bird

Michael is a Retired Attorney at Law in Grants Pass, Oregon.

Director -Jean Niemann OTRL, CNDT. 

Jean is a Certified Neuro Developmental Treatment Therapist in Santa Cruz, CA.

Director - Debra Stern, MD

Dr. Stern is a Board Certified Pediatrician and currently practices at Children's Hospital in Santa Monica, CA.

Director- Martha Eaton DVM

Dr. Eaton is a Board Certified Veterinarian with a practice in Weiser, Idaho.