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Testimonials for Service Dogs for Children with Disabilities 

"Our family has been blessed by SDCD. John personally reached out to our family after he was told about our son’s story. We were in the process of fund raising for a service dog, to help our son with POTS. He was just finishing training a dog who he felt would be a good fit for our son, Connor. He had rescued Karmel from an unfortunate situation. He saw something amazing in her. Thank god! He was professional and caring. He flew Karmel out to allow a trial period. He has made himself available to us 24/7. John doesn't bat an eye at the idea of coming out to help us with any maintenance training Karmel may need. Karmel is the most well rounded, well trained dog I have ever encountered. If you have the need for a service dog, John is the man I would trust. He clearly pours his heart into every dog he trains for our children. Thank John, and thank you SDCD for all you have done for our son. We are forever grateful."
— Heidi M

"Training with SDCD has by far been ONE OF THE BEST investments I have ever made. John is awesome! He's local, he's helpful, he's SUPER knowledgeable and I've learned so much in the time that my dog and I have taken his classes. My dog actually ran away the other day, I was at work, and I text him to ask for information about where to call in case she'd been picked up. Not only did he tell me where to check, but he actually went out of his way to help my sister look for my baby! We are so lucky to have someone like John in this area, he truly cares about your pet and he's trustworthy!"
— Kathy M., September 8, 2016

"We came to Service Dogs for Children with Disabilities looking for a helper and forever friend for our five-year-old son who has Autism. Our son is a runner and is very sensory defensive. The SDCD trainer helped us find Keisha, a sweet and calm Great Pyrenees who was a rescue. Our SDCD trainer gave us the guidance we needed and necessary classes to train Keisha to help our son. Before Keisha came into our lives- our days would consist of multiple meltdowns, self-harm, inability to regulate and sleepless nights for our son. Keisha has provided our son with a safe place to go when he is feeling overwhelmed, paws on his lap when he needs pressure to regulate, guidance to return when he tries to run and a snuggle buddy who provides weight and comfort around him when he sleeps. We have seen huge improvement with our son since working with SDCD to get Keisha and work on her training. She is close to graduating the program and we could not be more excited and appreciative for what our trainer and SDCD have done for our son and our family."
— Sunshine D., May 15, 2017